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What Are The Difference In Baby Formula?

There are a few different types of baby formula that is available throughout the United States and throughout the world. For all the formula sold in the United States, it must meet FDA requirements for nutrition. All the formula will have the same basic components to give your baby the nutrition he needs, but you will still have a choice between what kind of baby formula you will want to give your child.

Do Brands Make A Difference?

Because of the FDA standards, the brands of baby formula that you see in the store really do not vary much from one to the other. A store brand of baby formula will work just as well as a name brand of baby formula. And if all brands meet the same requirements, then what is the difference between baby formulas from different brands? It is the proteins that make all the difference when you are shopping for baby formula.

The Baby Formula Recipes

The protein differences in the formula are where it comes from. For Good Start, the protein comes from whey protein. This is in a 100% concentration. Other brand such as Infamil and Similac are composed of a combination of casein and whey proteins. This makes the baby formula more like breast milk.

There are also other differences in the ingredients of baby formula. Similac is not made with palm olein oil, which is a predominant source of fat. Alternatively, Enfamil is made with palm olein oil. But all formulas have their own recipes, so it is best to study the labels before purchasing it.

Choosing The Right Brand Of Baby Formula For You

Choosing the brand of baby formula that is right for your baby is not a scientific choice. There have been no studies done to compare baby formula brands to each other to see which is best. This means that any brand will do. If you want to purchase a brand that is cheaper, you can. The type of formula also does not matter. You can get pre-made formula, or you can purchase the powder. And with a baby formula dispenser, you will be making bottles with ease.

The only difference in nutrition that your baby will get is when you make the choice to either breastfeed or give them formula. Breastfeeding is best, but for those who have trouble with it for medical reasons or just do not feel like doing it, formula is the next best source of nutrition for your baby.

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