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Baby Health Insurance As A Boon For The Parents

A baby health insurance plan works like all other insurance plans and as soon as the baby is born, the parents can register the baby with the same insurance company in which the mother is registered. After all, even newborn baby health is important, and may involve medical expenses if necessary.

With Mother

Insurance companies can be private or national, and wherever the expectant mother is registered with, the newborn baby is automatically transferred into it. If the mother is privately insured, the baby health insurance is covered without any formalities. But, for national insurance, there are some restrictions, but the inclusion of the baby’s name with the parents in the insurance policy is an easy process.

If a newborn baby is taken ill at birth, then it requires medical help in the hospital itself. This aspect of the baby health insurance is covered with the insurance plan of the expectant mother, so that all medical care required for the newborn baby can be given in the hospital itself. Bigger ordeals like a major operation for the newborn baby or putting the baby in an incubator are also covered in the baby health insurance plan with the mother.

Regular Visits To Doctor

Baby health insurance covers all expenses incurred for any medical purposes for the baby. According to the insurance plan that is taken for the baby, all or part of the cost of hospitalization, surgery, laboratory tests, medicines and other medical care can be covered. Many government insurance plans may not include all medical expenses; hence many parents take up private insurance plans to incur the remaining costs.

After a baby is born, it requires regular visits to the doctor for its vaccinations and check-ups. The regular visits can also be covered under the baby insurance plan, but many insurance companies refrain from paying all out patient charges and the medicines which are prescribed. However, if the doctor certifies the importance of the visit or the ill-health of the baby, the expenses can be recovered from the insurance company.


The cost of all the vaccinations is high, and it is important for every baby to undergo a standard immunization program. This is always a part of any baby health insurance plan belonging to the government, because on a larger scale, eradication of diseases like whooping cough and diphtheria is essential. Hence, all doctors make it a compulsory issue, so that all babies are vaccinated against these fatal diseases. Vaccination against polio is given free of cost by the government too.

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